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entirely handmade

made of real reindeer moss

available in three colors

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the summer version

contains reindeer moss of “forest green” color. This is the initial, original clock – as seen on web publications. Bright orange clock hands really stand out in the lush background of green moss.


the fall version

is made of a yellow reindeer moss. Intense orange clock hands and moss blend a little bit more compared to a summer version but overall the clock is more noticeable.


the winter version

contains white moss and worm beige color clock hands. This soothing color combination results in more muted look. The clock can be really eye – catching or imperceptible depending on the color of the surroundings.



The frame and the dial of the clock is entirely handmade of Baltic birch plywood. Wooden stripes of 1.5 meters in length are steam bent and have a laser engraved logo on the outer layer. There is a single connection line at the top of a clock’s ring to keep it visually seamless.

wooden dial

baltos samanos

It takes about 2 kilograms of raw untreated moss to produce one clock. The moss is meticulously hand selected and only the very tops are used in the making. It is preserved and requires no watering. Think of it as a dried flower except for the sponge – like properties of the moss it stays flexible and squishy at all times.


metric: diameter – 46 centimeters, thickness – 4 centimeters

imperial: diameter – 18 inches, thickness – 1.6 inches


Moss clock mold


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